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"As I left the city that night, I knew my life would never be the same. The deep black velvet of the ground studded with sparkling rhinestones was both intoxicating and foreshadowing a certain danger that lie beneath the glittering lights. The white lace trims, floral prints, and pearls I had associated myself with were soon to be replaced with black lace, leather, and crystals. As much as I knew it would ruin me, I dove in, fearing only what would have happened if I hadn’t. And sure enough, it did."~

The Black Gold collection arose from an interest in the domestic and the domesticated. Following my life-long fascination with horses and dogs, a poignant theme has developed around my relationship between love and control. It speaks to our own human interactions and our relationships with the animals, or people, we tame.The idea of the domestic and the domesticated allows me to make work relevant in the complex realm of contemporary post-feminist art, while still using the animals with whom I am so connected. The work is immensely material and process oriented. Elements such as embroidery hoops and lace are a nod to the domestic, while materials like leather and hair are connections to the animalistic. I transform found familiar objects while considering things like reduction, spectacle, and excess. The use of glitter, specifically gold glitter, conjures connotations of deception. This type of façade has become an integral component in the work. Materials add to the language of the pieces, creating a dialogue between familiar items within a universal context.

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